Allan Jones in “Lest We Forget”

I’m addicted to classic movies and to Turner Classic Movies in particular. My television viewing increased geometrically when it became possible to record a movie and watch it later.
Recently Turner Classic Movies played a short film from 1937 called “Lest We Forget”. It’s a tribute to humorist Will Rogers, who had recently died in a plane crash. Gary Cooper, Robert Taylor, and Harry Carey appear as themselves. But the truly special few minutes are of Allan Jones singing in the moonlight to his beautiful white horse. They are traveling home after a day on the range. Jones’ sweet tenor sings to his “old faithful” friend about their round-up days. The song remembers and honors friendship and devoted service in a simple and exquisite way. It hits home, because it won’t be too long before I have to say good-bye to my beautiful collie girl, Lulu. Lulu will be 14 on September 2, and I will say more about her on her birthday.

My recording device cut off the credits, so I can’t tell you more about the song, the horse, etc. TCM does not presently offer this short as a DVD, but I would love to have it.

Allan Jones was the tenor in movies such as the Marx brothers’ A Night at the Opera and A Day at the Races and the 1936 version of Showboat with my personal all-time favorite actress, Irene Dunne.

If you like Allan Jones, check out this website:

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