Moose at the Back Door

One June evening, magic appeared at the cabin back door.
This young moose peeked in the window, then lay down in the meadow to eat.
Watch how he folds those impossibly long legs under him.

He stayed until dark, then returned the next morning.  With another male moose I believe to be his pop.  I had encountered pop the day before, on the same hill described in Elixir of Ornery Moose.  He was disturbed not in the slightest by my presence.  He had since forgiven me for continuing to climb that hill ​three years ago in the dark  – when he was waiting half-way up.  Human sight and smell are not equal to that of a moose!

I wonder where these moose are now, and what they are finding to eat.  I miss them; they are my family.

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