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Albatross Sing and Dance

Courtesy of the always-amazing Cornell Lab of Ornithology comes this video of albatross singing and dancing.  Seeing is believing! Does this sound a little like whale song?

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More on Moore

Here are more pictures from the Gardens, taken with a freshly-charged battery.  I wanted to “drift with form and texture”, as Pen said, but it was a little too cold to linger.  I tried to explore with the camera, instead … Continue reading

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Moore at the Gardens

Whale out of water or Moore at the Gardens? “Locking Piece” leaves next week.     I’m kicking myself. An exhibition of Henry’s Moore’s works was installed last March in our Botanic Gardens.  Did I visit in every season and … Continue reading

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Deep Sea Song

DEEP SEA SONG Your deep sea song calls me My cells remember and feel the pull longing to join you.

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Inland Dreams

HOMEWARD BOUND Let me live in the ocean sea source of life let me ride waves and currents in perfect sureness land limbs and land rhythms long forgotten free to fly in cold clean living water singing my slow songs … Continue reading

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