The Amputee

My body misses something
it once relied on
like a leg extending support
perhaps a voice proffering comfort

a breeze wafting solace
or a welcome shape appearing by surprise,
steps away, or as a shadow
at the edge of sight.

something felt but no longer there
present only in brain cell function
a part of me cut off, burned through,
acutely painful in its absence.


Heart in hibernation
loathe to accept resources
once offered in abundance;

taken, if not for granted,
if not as birthright,
then with high expectation;

now limited, now different
now hard to recognize as gifts
from the same infinite source.


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1 Response to Amputation

  1. pennsivity says:

    Ah, Monica , here’s me returned after all these years, and you’re MIA, …lovely poem my sweet friend, …hope you’re happy in the real world… I’m forgetting of course, …if you’re reading this you won’t know me, …:- penpusherpen, pen, or Lady P, ….
    Now Pennsivity, …. Take care and be safe, …✨❤️✨🤗✨

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