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Wolf Track

Wolf Track The record of your passing, your presence, canine imprint, enormous, spreading, clearly written in wet earth my eyes take it in — scouring the ground like the nose of a bloodhound as I inspect the evidence. My brain … Continue reading

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One More Beautiful Voice in Doggie Heaven

We said good-bye to our beautiful collie dog Beau last week.  As usual, Beau was in charge.  He refused food for six days and rested on the seventh. We had time the evening before and morning of to caress him … Continue reading

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Change in Charge

Change in Charge Lament your loss or treasure your gain To me it’s all the same Can’t slow me down or get in my way I’m with you now and every day constant companion, like it or not moving together, … Continue reading

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Walking Toward Jupiter

Walking Toward Jupiter Familiar friend, well met unmistakable ecliptic companion dazzling colossus keeping company nightly not to be lightly missed

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Wolves – De-Listed?

photo from “Wolves Cross the Road” in Wild Wolf Encounters, True Stories of Wolves in the Wild The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) has proposed to de-list the gray wolf in the lower 48 United States.  USFWS thinks wolves … Continue reading

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Oh, You Planet Earth!/Earth Day 2013

Member of the Family Call me mother, call me father call me source of life and strength call me sister, call me brother call me only home and hearth call me garden of paradise call me member of the family … Continue reading

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“We Didn’t Know”

“We Didn’t Know” The mind constructs compartments sealing off brutal burdens burying alive dark knowledge from the light of change and a fatal duty to act.  Did we judge too harshly?  Nightmare waking truth huddles behind padlocked doors horror’s ooze … Continue reading

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Capture Me, Poetry Capture me, Poetry, and don’t let go!  Sneak up beside me at the symphony* Track me down trails in Yellowstone Seize me when least expected  Shadow me by sunlight Encircle me by moonlight Overcome me by starlight … Continue reading

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The Extreme Gravity/Distorted Reality Show

Black Hole at the Center  Eagle Galaxy remnant of an exploding star a fading celebrity avatar emits no light casts no glow gas and static are its outflow* the raspy noise of promise unkept opportunity squandered challenge unmet collapsing brilliance … Continue reading

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Wild Wolf Encounters Available as PDF Download

Wild Wolf Encounters, True Stories of Wolves in the Wild, with pictures, poems, and links to videos, is available for viewing and downloading for free.  Please click the link here or in the sidebar. Wild Wolf Encounters Feel free to … Continue reading

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