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Bright Moon Wandering – New Poetry Book

I have a new book of poetry – Bright Moon WanderingI would be very happy if you took a look and gave me your thoughts!

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Come to the Fire

Come by the Fire Ancient ways, bygone days working together without a word mutual need clearly heard. Your speed, my bow bring our prey down so food for many, wolves and men sustenance shared, time and again. Over the years … Continue reading

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The Yoke

Yoga Breath  Breathing in joy breathing out pain love’s two sides life’s double portion each other’s measure yoked together

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Bella – The Dog Who Smiled and Laughed

The Dog Who Smiled and Laughed  Heart burned by double abandonment Soul singed by scorching neglect Yet laughing out loud at day’s delight Smiling at ease in calm content Resilient spirit, failing body turns now to dust a cosmic cloud … Continue reading

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No Dogs Allowed

Walking the Walk, Anyway  You talk the talk and we walk the walk but when nose goes to sniff and tail begs to wag Where are you?  In Yellowstone, no doubt where we can’t follow not having the bona-fides of … Continue reading

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Oh, You Planet Earth!/Earth Day 2013

Member of the Family Call me mother, call me father call me source of life and strength call me sister, call me brother call me only home and hearth call me garden of paradise call me member of the family … Continue reading

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No Kisses

No Kisses for Valentine’s Day (Belated) No kisses today I’m sorry to say I saw you about with a squirrel in your mouth a very dead squirrel you dropped at my feet a Valentine’s treat So I must remember to … Continue reading

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Beau reads Tolkien

  Here is Beau reading Tolkien – what, again?  The light has to be just right, and he has to be comfortable to read epic poetry.

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Happy Dogs/The Joke’s on Me

Hi Friends!  Just a little note to tell you that the joke is on me!  My new computer will not let me access my blog – or many of yours either.  But my old computer will.  One at a time, … Continue reading

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The Linden Tree

LINDEN BLOSSOMS We sit together under the linden just steps from the back door, your favorite spot in the yard. From here you could see inside and out guarding your domain. Now a gentle rain falls and joins with my … Continue reading

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