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Beau reads Tolkien

  Here is Beau reading Tolkien – what, again?  The light has to be just right, and he has to be comfortable to read epic poetry.

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Happy Dogs/The Joke’s on Me

Hi Friends!  Just a little note to tell you that the joke is on me!  My new computer will not let me access my blog – or many of yours either.  But my old computer will.  One at a time, … Continue reading

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The Linden Tree

LINDEN BLOSSOMS We sit together under the linden just steps from the back door, your favorite spot in the yard. From here you could see inside and out guarding your domain. Now a gentle rain falls and joins with my … Continue reading

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True Blue

The Gift of Presence  some things I have learned from my dogs (or am still learning):  to be home for dinner; to love and accept without measure; to greet with joy; to give comfort by being present; to spit out … Continue reading

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3 Unwished Wishes/Doggie Heaven x 3

3 Unwished Wishes I wish these puppies would grow up and not pull; I wish there weren’t so much poop to clean up in the backyard; I wish the dogs weren’t along so I could hike in the national park. … Continue reading

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René Who?


Pity the dog
of René Descartes.
Spoke no French
and thus had no heart.
No thoughts, feelings
or wants had he,
mechanistic brain in poor body.


was the world’s
least observant
dog owner.




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Herd Dog/In the Doghouse

HERD DOG Herd dog gone bad salivates at the smell of lamb roast. This poem is for Storm Cloud, our border collie.  Here are some pictures (taken a few years ago) of Stormy and Ben together in the dog house.  … Continue reading

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Shake It Off/Chirp To It/Rufous

My acupuncturist tells me to “shake it off, like a dog”.  A dog gets up, shakes himself and whatever is bothering him off, and gets on with his day.  I think about this a lot, too. An incident at our … Continue reading

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Be Your Own Dog

My acupuncturist — who is a gift from heaven — says that now I must learn to be my own dog.  I think about this several dozen times a day as I try to cope without my dogs. Tell me … Continue reading

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No Kisses

No Kisses

No worries, no walks
no vet bills, no medicine
no brushing, no poop to pick up
no licks, no sniffs
no happy faces, nobody to need me
no soft fur, no sweet smell
no love, no kisses
no collies

Poem copyright © 2010 Monica Glickman

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