Happy Dogs/The Joke’s on Me

Hi Friends!  Just a little note to tell you that the joke is on me!  My new computer will not let me access my blog – or many of yours either.  But my old computer will.  One at a time, please!

Here’s a happy dog picture from their first visit to our mountain cabin.  Lots to sniff and roll in.  They stopped acting like guests – hurray!!

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6 Responses to Happy Dogs/The Joke’s on Me

  1. lazfreedman says:

    Nothing like a good old disputer, oops computer 😉
    Love the Collies, they are really beautiful, Monica
    Peace, x

  2. bluebee says:

    What a wonderful photo, Monica! They are really beautiful dogs.

    How frustrating about your blog! Have you made sure you have allowed cookies on your browser on your new computer?


  3. Monica says:

    Thanks, Ian, and I hope you are enjoying your beautiful summer.

  4. A great pic Monica , very picturesque
    Wish you luck with your new com
    Ian aka Emu

  5. Monica says:

    Hi Sandy, They seemed to be astonished in a good way! As for the computer, the old one started working fine after I ordered the new one. The faster computer is good for many things, but it doesn’t seem to like WordPress any more than the old one did. I love your beautiful butterfly gravatar.

  6. sandy says:

    It is beautiful there! It looks like the dogs are having a good time. I hope you get your computer problems straightened out. It is very frustrating, isn’t tit?

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