Collies Rescue Human


morning coffee with Bella

Once again, collies come to the rescue.  In this case, two five-year-olds, possibly litter mates, rescue human – me – from a bleak, collie-less existence.  About ten days ago, I filled out an application with Pueblo Collie/Sheltie Rescue.  The director, Hope Hemperly, lives up to her name.  Last weekend she called to say Beau and Bella had just arrived.  I rushed down to collie rescue heaven.  Hope has about 13 dogs in her home and knows everything there is to know about collies.  I wish I had had her as a resource for collie health over the years!

Now the clincher – the mysterious, magical ways of the universe.  These dogs are the closest thing to the spitting image of my Sneffels and Lulu that you could imagine.  Aside from some coloring variations, they’re the same size and shape. They make the same sounds.  Beau’s personality is as calm and loving as Sneffie’s.  Bella is very calm, too – and so affectionate.  I can’t wait to see her wag her tail.  These dogs have been left twice with Collie Rescue, and I’m so happy it’s my turn now.  Lucky me!!

For anyone living in the U.S. Rocky Mountain area and contemplating adopting a rescue dog, here’s the link:

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27 Responses to Collies Rescue Human

  1. Oh well, as you say early days or perhaps he decided bed was a better place, because it smells of you. ;o)

    Take care.

  2. Monica says:

    Vielen Dank, lieber Klaus

  3. Monica says:

    Hello Talia, Yes, the dogs have taken over the beds. Oh, boy. They went to the mountain cabin last weekend, and, as my husband said, stopped acting like guests. They rolled and jumped in the snow and looked really happy. Came back and Beau still didn’t want to leave the premises. Guess I can’t rush things. Best to you, Talia

  4. Monica says:

    Dear Androgoth, Sorry to be late in responding. Happy almost spring to you, my friend. In the interesting developments department, I am having trouble accessing my own blog as well as others, including yours, with my new computer. For the moment, my old computer is working. I hope all is well with you.

  5. Androgoth says:

    Happy Valentine’s day / Evening Monica
    and do enjoy your Wednesday my great friend 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  6. Hi Monica,
    Just thought I’d look in for updates on the ‘Waggies’. Hope things are going well for you all. Any signs of commendeering your bed yet? 😉
    My two ‘rescues’ have got me well trained now. Oh well back to hairy beds and heavy breathing at night.


  7. Monica says:

    Hello Marilyn, Our beauties will be meeting soon. Thanks for visiting!

  8. Marilyn says:

    As we know, you can’t beat doggie kisses!!
    Marilyn and Scott

  9. gageier says:

    Hallo war mal wieder auf deine Blog hier und fand es schön bei dir,einen schönen Abend noch,wünscht dir Klaus

  10. Monica says:

    Danke sehr, Jasmin. Ist es kalt bei dir?

  11. Monica says:

    They are beautiful, and I’m so happy, too. Thank you, dear Laz!

  12. jasmindamaro says:


  13. lazfreedman says:

    I am sooooooo happy for you, Monica!
    Beautiful Dogs! I am speechless
    Peace, xxx

  14. Monica says:

    Hi Kolembo, Thanks for visiting and for reminding me about your terrific poems!

  15. Monica says:

    Marjie, I’m so glad to see you back in business – so to speak. Thanks for your kind wishes. I do look forward to many happy years with these two.

  16. Monica says:

    Thank you, Bluebee! I tried the clean house and backyard and no worries routine for long enough. It’s overrated. Now I’m happy again.

  17. Monica says:

    Hi Talia, I am really looking forward to Beau the intrepid explorer! I keep telling him he has nothing to worry about any more. But he doesn’t quite believe me yet.

  18. kolembo says:

    Lordy, simply the most gorgeous doggy! Awwww!

  19. So happy for you Monica. they look really lovely dogs and I think they will bring you many years of happiness, and they are lucky to have found you !
    Love Marjie xx

  20. Hi Monica,
    It sounds as if he too is expressing his insecurities. As, you say, hopefully, Beau the surveyor will become Beau the intrepid explorer.

    Will be looking in on you for more updates.

    Take care.


  21. bluebee says:

    Yaaay! You are back! 😀
    And I am so happy to see that you have two new babies to bring you much joy and doggie companionship, Monica – they are just beautiful and are very lucky to have found such a wonderful home and human.


  22. Monica says:

    Hello Talia and thank you so much! No way will they go back to the pound – how right you are!! After 3 days of lovely walks, Beau has decided he will not leave the premises. No need for a surveyor – they know where the boundary lines are! Hoping he gets over this shortly. It’s great fun to laugh a lot and have collie kisses again. Thanks for your good wishes – Monica

  23. Monica says:

    Thank you, jacsprat! Luck all around, I think! And timing that can’t be explained – just appreciated.

  24. Hello Monica,
    I am so happy for you. I guess Bella is still a bit unsure of herself at the moment, but I feel sure that ‘Hello Mum’ wag will come soon, because no way will they be going back to the dog pound again. It seems that third time lucky really does apply in this case.

    Best Wishes Monica, Bella and Beau. xx

  25. jacsprat says:

    Cute pictures!! They’re lucky to have you. 🙂

  26. Monica says:

    Hi Sandy, Me, too!! Our weather changes from spring thaw to the deep freeze. The trees never know what to do around here. Good wishes to you!

  27. sandy says:

    So glad you found each other.
    Hope you are having a nice winter.

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