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Bright Moon Wandering – New Poetry Book

I have a new book of poetry – Bright Moon WanderingI would be very happy if you took a look and gave me your thoughts!

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A Different Kind of Space Shot

from The Washington Post, September 8, 2015, by Rachel Feltman After three years maturing in space, Ardbeg Distillery’s malt whiskey has returned to earth.  The BBC reports significant differences in taste between earth whiskey and the International Space Station’s aged … Continue reading

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It’s Been Nice Knowing Ya’ – Toss Me the Car Keys!

I didn’t tell the full truth in my last post.  Probably to protect the … well, not exactly innocent. To tell the full story, I have to go back a dozen years to one of our earliest semi-annual spring and … Continue reading

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No Dogs Allowed

Walking the Walk, Anyway  You talk the talk and we walk the walk but when nose goes to sniff and tail begs to wag Where are you?  In Yellowstone, no doubt where we can’t follow not having the bona-fides of … Continue reading

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Spam I Am/Spam Filter Poetry

Usually I delete spam as quickly as possible, without looking, saying a quick word of thanks to WordPress for catching it so adroitly.  Today I wondered, “What would Bluebee do with this?”  Write a poem, of course.  Not as charming … Continue reading

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No Kisses

No Kisses for Valentine’s Day (Belated) No kisses today I’m sorry to say I saw you about with a squirrel in your mouth a very dead squirrel you dropped at my feet a Valentine’s treat So I must remember to … Continue reading

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Resistance is Futile

Mostly speechless, I’m still trying to absorb the nice things Bluebee said about Sweet Planet Poems in her beautiful blog.  Bluebee initiated the dialogue about search engine terms, suggesting we write a poem incorporating words used to find our blog.  … Continue reading

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Search Engine Poetry

Bluebee, poet and photographer extraordinaire, has invited us to participate in her Search Engine* Poetry Challenge Here’s my entry: In Praise of Sweet Poems Praising sweet poems quirky sweet poems i like u poems pick up dog poop poems true … Continue reading

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Honk If You’re a Goose

Honk If You’re A Goose Mama lays eggs by the lap pool chlorinated wetland sanctuary Pop patrols the parking lot stands with the security guard hisses at swimmers flies by and honks a greeting after goslings hatch. Canada geese

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Northern Flicker, reprised/Mr. Robin

I saw two flickers in the birdbath today, both looking quite robust. Very happy to see them.  Here is a picture of one through window and screen, not very good.  But it gives you an idea.  Bird bathers have to … Continue reading

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