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Search Engine Poetry

Bluebee, poet and photographer extraordinaire, has invited us to participate in her Search Engine* Poetry Challenge Here’s my entry: In Praise of Sweet Poems Praising sweet poems quirky sweet poems i like u poems pick up dog poop poems true … Continue reading

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Honk If You’re a Goose

Honk If You’re A Goose Mama lays eggs by the lap pool chlorinated wetland sanctuary Pop patrols the parking lot stands with the security guard hisses at swimmers flies by and honks a greeting after goslings hatch. Canada geese

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Northern Flicker, reprised/Mr. Robin

I saw two flickers in the birdbath today, both looking quite robust. Very happy to see them.  Here is a picture of one through window and screen, not very good.  But it gives you an idea.  Bird bathers have to … Continue reading

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Quirky Imperfect

Quirky Imperfect Quirky teeth not perfect just like me Cancelled a visit to the dentist to make quirky teeth more perfect.  Couldn’t stand the thought of not being able to bite into an apple. ( I apologize for this Facebook-like … Continue reading

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Ode to Edward Abbey (3)

Ode to Edward Abbey (3) No pomp… plenty of circumstance

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Herd Dog/In the Doghouse

HERD DOG Herd dog gone bad salivates at the smell of lamb roast. This poem is for Storm Cloud, our border collie.  Here are some pictures (taken a few years ago) of Stormy and Ben together in the dog house.  … Continue reading

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Shake It Off/Chirp To It/Rufous

My acupuncturist tells me to “shake it off, like a dog”.  A dog gets up, shakes himself and whatever is bothering him off, and gets on with his day.  I think about this a lot, too. An incident at our … Continue reading

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Be Your Own Dog

My acupuncturist — who is a gift from heaven — says that now I must learn to be my own dog.  I think about this several dozen times a day as I try to cope without my dogs. Tell me … Continue reading

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Lulu/Coat of Many Blessings/Receiving Line

Yesterday, August 28, 2010, we said good-bye to our beautiful collie, Lulu. It was her time, and she was ready. We will miss her terribly, but I tell myself not to mourn. Unless one hopes for immortality, there is nothing … Continue reading

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Talking to Yourself/Woman’s Best Friend

When you set up a new blog, you feel a bit as though you are talking to yourself. That isn’t all bad. After all, isn’t that why we have dogs? Here’s a poem that may be related:


Dogs love the sound
of our voices.
That’s why they’re
woman’s best friend.

poem copyright © 2010 Monica Glickman

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