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Aloha Pihemanu!

More about albatross from Greg Joder, who spent four months on Midway Island with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. See albatross smile…

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Anne Frank

Anne Frank  Face of hope and promise words of longing yearning to flower keep faith with a world where love of cruelty passes like a dying wind

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Spring Garden

Red Bud miracle – budding blossoms survived two snow storms and freezing temperatures to open – one of a handful of times ever. Spring Garden  Impatient green unfolding moist penetrating growth ascending – life reborn in joy’s season of gentle … Continue reading

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Lost in Translation

The Bible, as the most frequently-read book in Western society, serves as foundation for our attitudes, customs, and practices concerning each other and the world in which we live. Some believe every word is the word of God and therefore … Continue reading

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Recovery Uncovered

I can’t get this right, so I’m posting two poems.  Feel free to leave me feedback about which one you prefer or don’t. Recovery Uncovered  Shards of rage and jealousy pierce the soul shatter friendship wound family ________________ pain’s disposition … Continue reading

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Brooklyn in Blue

Winter biking to hydroponic spring gardens, Brooklyn looks good in blue

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Earth Hour – 29 March 2014

Originally posted on Mungai and the Goa Constrictor:
? Today, Saturday 29th March 2014, billions of people in over one hundred and fifty countries (that means over seven thousand cities) will turn out the lights. A World Wide Fund for…

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Try and Try Again

Dear Fellow Bloggers, I do apologize if you have been getting updates every time I try to edit this last post.  I’m trying mightily, without success, to embed the YouTube video into the post.  It doesn’t work, even though I … Continue reading

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To My Fellow Bloggers —

Dear friends who feel like family, I treasure your unique spirits and talents.  You make me laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time.  I gasp with wonder and delight at your words and photographs.  You inspire me.  Thank you … Continue reading

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With Patton in Germany

Get the Job Done To liberate a prisoner do what must be done send a tank and crew along to rescue simply one.  Give them their instructions command them on their way don’t forget to gas the tank to free … Continue reading

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