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Crying Over Callas

Crying Over Callas Your voice, expressing the highs and lows the limits of human pleasure and pain in this our earthly existence Your voice, rich and vibrant, warm, nuanced, complex, multi-layered screechy in the modern medium of compact disc I … Continue reading

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Is Poetry Hard?

I I saw this sign recently outside a local restaurant.  Is poetry hard?  Not for Bob Dylan.  Being enigmatic, this sign evokes him.

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Academy Makes Magical Choice

Bob (Nobel Laureate for Literature) Dylan Words weave their magic soft voice of power spins spell Dylan wins Nobel  New York Times article on Dylan’s Nobel win some of Dylan’s influences

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Jewels of the Queen Mother/Earth Day 2015

Public domain photos courtesy of National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior Jewels of the Queen Mother Brilliant beyond Cartier’s imagining fitting crown for a queenly brow jeweled geometry of shape and pattern sprinkled with diamonds sown with platinum … Continue reading

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Recovery Uncovered

I can’t get this right, so I’m posting two poems.  Feel free to leave me feedback about which one you prefer or don’t. Recovery Uncovered  Shards of rage and jealousy pierce the soul shatter friendship wound family ________________ pain’s disposition … Continue reading

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John Singer Sargent at the Brooklyn Museum

Last week we visited family on the U.S. East Coast.  While there, we had a chance to see the John Singer Sargent watercolor exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum.  Here are some of my favorites. Dolce Far Niente = Sweet Doing … Continue reading

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Carmen at the Met

  This curtain does not bode well for the outcome.  In the last act, Carmen appears wearing a black dress with a similar red rent down the front.

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More on Moore

Here are more pictures from the Gardens, taken with a freshly-charged battery.  I wanted to “drift with form and texture”, as Pen said, but it was a little too cold to linger.  I tried to explore with the camera, instead … Continue reading

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Moore at the Gardens

Whale out of water or Moore at the Gardens? “Locking Piece” leaves next week.     I’m kicking myself. An exhibition of Henry’s Moore’s works was installed last March in our Botanic Gardens.  Did I visit in every season and … Continue reading

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