Academy Makes Magical Choice

Bob (Nobel Laureate for Literature) Dylan

Words weave their magic
soft voice of power spins spell
Dylan wins Nobel

 New York Times article on Dylan’s Nobel win

some of Dylan’s influences

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4 Responses to Academy Makes Magical Choice

  1. Monica says:

    I love this so much. You do get a sense of Dylan’s stunned surprise as he readjusts his world view. This speech only reinforces how much he is entitled to be recognized! He writes beautiful and thoughtful prose, too! And he can sing! Oh, my. I love what Dylan says about a group of 50 being a more demanding audience of separate individuals than a crowd of 50,000, with a single identity. And I wish I were enough of a musician to ask: “Is this song in the right key?” Thanks, Brian.

  2. Monica says:

    Thank you for sending this gorgeous speech! It provides a new kind of insight into Bob Dylan.

  3. bmrothschild says:

    I like Dylan’s humility, and how he places us in the mind of the creative artist, who is probably thinking about more mundane things like paying bills and stagehands, and so is caught off guard when someone shouts that what he has been doing all these years is great literature.

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