More on Moore

Here are more pictures from the Gardens, taken with a freshly-charged battery.  I wanted to “drift with form and texture”, as Pen said, but it was a little too cold to linger.  I tried to explore with the camera, instead of climbing on them like I wanted to.

This figure is a bit mysterious.  As Pen says, it seems to be plaintively crying to the heavens.  But the limbs seem relaxed and comfortable.  What do you think?  Thanks to all of you for your (always) interesting and incisive comments.

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21 Responses to More on Moore

  1. penpusherpen says:

    I could sit here for ages, and I was just going to have a quick look-see before dashing out after having checked my emails……Oh you’ve tempted me so much Monica… they’re a fantastic group….Moore 9, (love the colour) reminds me of a girl I knew at school, she could twist her body into ‘crab’ shape and more…I was so so jealous…and Moore 10, looks almost inquisitively into the camera? Really, really amazing sculptures and just asking, almost compelling, to be touched….and I would have been so, so tempted to crawl all over them and then be shown the .. door?…gate?.. 😉
    thanks again Monica, and glad you were able to view them again. Stunning, absolutely stunning… xPenx..

  2. These pics are more intriguing than your first , not sure if its the shapes from different angles or the color is more apparent , whichever way they leave me with the question , what is the sculpture saying ?
    Great egnimatic blog dear friend

  3. kenny2dogs says:

    Hello Monica.
    Moore has never excited me much. But that does not mean I fail to see the subject matter. EG. fig 16. No never have been fond of the abstract. I prefer a work of art to be self explanatory and not force the viewer to reach their own interpretation. Like jazz… I just don’t understand it !!!
    Give me a sculpture of the human form, so perfect one almost feels they could slap it’s bottom !

  4. lazfreedman says:

    I very much enjoy these Photos,truly dig them, Thanks Monica

  5. Monica says:

    Hi guys, Love your comments — thanks so much! I’m going back without the camera, I think. It’s warm enough to just drift.

  6. Great Photographs Monica x

  7. andro51 says:

    Yes a nice follow up here, I think that these sculptures are amazingly, there are so many different ways of viewing them and of course with artists of this quality there are many alternative ideas to be captured, harnessed in the beauty of time.

    A very nice addition to your Space Monica and you have added greatly to the splendour of these sculptures by capturing them so creatively with your camera.

    As for what I think of the very last sculpture, it seems to add an essence of wonder to me, like a template of time within Space… Have a lovely weekend and be good too…

    Androgoth XXx

  8. andro51 says:

    Sorry about my poor usage of grammar there, I should read my comments before clicking onto the ‘Post Comment’… Be very well my great friend

    Androgoth XXx

  9. Chloe says:

    I definately love the white sculpture most – not only does it seem “to be plaintively crying to the heavens” as Pen said, but it also looks like it has been carved out of the surrounding snow…crawling out of the ground in a bid to face the day.

    Thanks for sharing xx

  10. bluebee says:

    Love these, Monica – the last one on the left is how I would imagine the soul would look as it’s leaving the body (if such a thing exists, of course!). And photographic perspectives from a position to which you might have climbed (oh, go on!) would have been very interesting 😀

  11. Artswebshow says:

    These are fantastic sculptures.
    A bit of expressionism in these?

    • Monica says:

      Hi Artswebshow, Thanks so much for visiting and commenting. I am trying to view your site with my ancient computer that won’t seem to play anything. I’ll keep trying because it looks interesting.

  12. Mike Keefe says:

    Climb them, yes! I would’ve loved to have just touched them. But there were those damn signs that forbade me. Nice pics, Monica. You captured them.

  13. Monica says:

    Yes, those signs. We’re so civilized, aren’t we?

  14. Good Afternoon Monica.
    I gave the photograph some consideration and thought it perhaps the reason why the limbs are so relaxed is that, the mouth is open in admiration of the heavens above. It is also possible that they aren’t relaxed but contorted in anguish.
    Thank you for sharing and hope you get to take more photos before the exhibition closes.

    Best Regards. Talia.

    • Monica says:

      Thank you so much, Talia, for visiting and for your thoughtful comments. It’s true that the sculpture supports such differing interpretations. I also like that Moore didn’t tell us what to think with a descriptive title – at least much of the time.

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