Lulu/Coat of Many Blessings/Receiving Line

Yesterday, August 28, 2010, we said good-bye to our beautiful collie, Lulu. It was her time, and she was ready. We will miss her terribly, but I tell myself not to mourn. Unless one hopes for immortality, there is nothing to mourn. She lived a happy life of selfless devotion to her human companions and best friend – litter mate and big brother, Sneffels. Their 14th birthday would have been this coming Thursday, September 2. Her strength and resilience inspire me. These poems are for Lulu.

Coat of Many Blessings

Silken cloud of fresh air
smells as sweet as her disposition.
Collie cloaked in many blessings
graces our lives.

Receiving Line

We approach
body wagging
face eager
hoping for contact.
Children on the playground
run to the fence
hands outstretched through the metal.
She licks each one
moves slowly down the line
including all in her gracious greeting,
noblesse obliging,
while cries of delight
accompany her regal progress.

poems copyright © 2010 Monica Glickman

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4 Responses to Lulu/Coat of Many Blessings/Receiving Line

  1. Dear Pen,
    Thank you for this lovely comment. I read on your blog that Bess, your border collie, has first call on your time. I like that very much. I hope Bess chases balls and enriches your life for a long time to come. The rhythm of my life has changed dramatically without dogs. I don’t even have to open the back door if I don’t feel like it. Weird! When I’m out, I get uneasy — isn’t there someone waiting for me at home? So thank you for your kind thoughts.

  2. penpusherpen says:

    I Just have tears in my eyes . Reading this post on your Beautiful Collie Lulu, My own Border Collie, is 13 now..and suffers from Osteoarthritis, managed by monthly injections and supplements. She’s a workhorse, in that she never stops.. Has countless plastic balls which always need fetching, and I hope she goes on for many years yet. (fingers tightly crossed).. . They become so much a part of your lives, I cannot imagine the grief you went through. But my eyes and cheeks are wet for you. Thank you for sharing the poem.., xPenx

  3. Nina Gibson says:

    Dear Monica and Craig,
    Losing a treasured dog like Lulu is very hard. My thoughts are with you. I didn’t know about Lulu’s receiving line; how wonderful! Thank you for the beautiful poems, Monica, and the photos.
    My love to you both,

  4. Andrew & Tasha Carver says:

    Monica and Craig,
    We are so sorry to hear of Lulu’s passing. She was a special dog, and will be missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing her. Though we can take solace in knowing our four legged friends lived full lives, it doesn’t make saying goodbye to them any easier. Our thoughts are with you both,
    Tasha & Andrew

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