Spam I Am/Spam Filter Poetry

Usually I delete spam as quickly as possible, without looking, saying a quick word of thanks to WordPress for catching it so adroitly.  Today I wondered, “What would Bluebee do with this?”  Write a poem, of course.  Not as charming or whimsical as a search engine poem, but it’s blizzarding outside, our first real blizzard of the season, and I can’t go anywhere, so why not?  My additions or changes to the spam language are in amber.  Everything else is pure spam.

Spam, I Am

Spam, I am
overwhelmed with spam
crying and moping while carrying a croc
Alice in Wonderland meets downright schlock
You may not love it? Walk around the block!
 Along the way, your wheels
should not disrupt
the oxygen flow to the Arctic O
the planet receiver
would run amok!
 Fun-loving nerd singing in the attic
clinically determined bipolar attacking
change the direction of your gaze
from the genuine to the brazen
infections too pass off due
overall, it is amazing!
A two-fold disease for 4
increased by the constitution of plaque
flairs up in people
who want to giggle
and modesty is not so simple
The neighborhood’s loosing their mind!
Please Dr. Seuss, let’s call a truce:
We can’t be left behind.
Your investment may be a risk
(no doubt)
further funds are wanted
so handle with care, and check it out
and do remain undaunted.
When shopping for household products
it is very useful to know
which ones should never ever enter your home
much better to toss and throw.
With time, Hosting Hosting
strange internet posting
better service to All
in WordPress Hall.
To be perfectly honest, “croc” was “crocodile” in the original; “O” was “Ocean”;  and “brazen” was “fake”.  I’m sure apologies should be made for this.

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31 Responses to Spam I Am/Spam Filter Poetry

  1. giselzitrone says:

    Guter Text ist mit wort press mal so mal so.Wünsche einen schönen Tag.Grüße und Freundschaft Gislinde.

  2. penpusherpen says:

    No apologies necessary, Monica, poetic license it’s called… 🙂 … Thank you for giving me a new slant on Spam… Heh!! xPenx

  3. bluebee says:

    LOL 😀 Excellent! “The neighborhood’s loosing their mind!” Sure is. An inspired Spoem. Hugs, Monica xx

  4. Certainly a different slant on Dr Seuss
    Good play on words.

  5. penpusherpen says:

    Just dropping by to wish you and yours a wonderful weekend Monica, … also I’m going to trawl back through the blogs I:ve missed. Mayhap leaving a comment here and there.. to show here I’ve been.. So, if you feel something slightly prickling your consciousness ….it’s only me… digging about. 😉 xPenx

    • Monica says:

      How very wonderful to have you visiting. You made my luck today, Pen!

      • penpusherpen says:

        many, many thanks for all your wonderful comments Monica, and I think you’ll find that it’s the wonderful people on here (such as yourself) who enable me to respond with, how shall I put it? Sympatico, Hope you ‘n yours are well, enjoying life and all it has to offer… warmest of hugs xPenx

  6. Gray Dawster says:

    Spam, don’t tolerate it just eat it instead 🙂 lol
    Have a great weekend Monica and be good 😉 xxx

  7. giselzitrone says:

    Wünsche dir auch einen wunderschönen Sonntag und liebe Grüße.Gislinde

  8. Kenny2dogs says:

    Hi Monica my dear friend. Hope you are keeping well . It has been a while since i have been so far away from home lol. But you are worth the walk 🙂 Anyways guess what Monica…I miss you !!!
    Take care now my lovely friend
    Kenny x

    • Monica says:

      What a lovely thing to say, dear Kenny. Just back from the desert – spring not yet there, either. I’ll be walking your way shortly, my friend.

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