The Linden Tree


We sit together under the linden
just steps from the back door,
your favorite spot in the yard.
From here you could see inside and out
guarding your domain.
Now a gentle rain falls
and joins with my tears.
Sweet linden blossoms drift
into your soft fur.
Giving comfort as always,
paw on leg and nose in face,
the deepest of sleep approaches,
and this special gift of the universe
will be gone from me.

Mt. Sneffels (snowfield)

July 6, 2008
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37 Responses to The Linden Tree

  1. bluebee says:

    You have painted the way scent has such a strong effect on memory so beautifully here with this sad, sweet ode to your beautiful collie, Monica, and that image of “paw on leg” says so much. You must miss her terribly. I love this poem and your photos. Best. bb xx

  2. Monica says:

    Dear Bluebee, Thank you so much for this lovely and heartfelt comment. The linden blossoms are about to open again, and they will always remind me. Not that I need reminding.

  3. aussie emu says:

    A sad but beautiful blog with pictures of memories
    A favourite spot of treasured memories
    Emu aka Ian

  4. penpusherpen says:

    I feel so sad, Monica, that we have to say bye to our furry friends., they give us so much pleasure and are, as you so rightly say, special gifts from the Universe. And to the Universe they return having graced our lives, and given us their unrestrained love. Nothing held back, and therefore we hold nothing back, and therefore feel the pain so much when they depart. Wonderful words and mind picture drawn, and I’m joining you in the shedding of your tears my lovely friend. xx

    • Monica says:

      Dear Pen, “Nothing held back, and therefore we hold nothing back…” You’ve said it, and there it is. Shedding tears together helps, my friend.

      • penpusherpen says:

        just dropping by to say hi Monica, how are you? and missing you on here. ‘Tis August already, yet it seems only yesterday that my girl died, I can pretend I’m getting over it, but there are times when I forget she’s gone. But I smile too, as last week I planted some shrubs in the garden, new plants where I had gaps for her use, and I know she’d have ‘helped’ me in her own inimitable way. Telling me not there, that’s her space!! And of course they wouldn’t have lasted long, Not a one for going round things, was she, through them and on top of them more like… hugs to you and I hope you and yours are well.. xPenx

      • Monica says:

        Hi Pen, That’s a funny description of Bess’ antics! I’m pretty sure there’s only one cure, and you know what that is. August already – many mountain birds have left for the season, and I’m thinking, oh no, not yet, please! I miss WordPress, too, and the lovely musings I find here. I hope to be back and less distracted in the fall. Very best to you, my friend.

  5. Androgoth says:

    A very sweet portrayal of your beautiful friend Monica,
    Sneffie will always be with you, on this plain and in the
    next… Infinite feelings blossom forever my great friend,
    and whatever the season this will always be…

    Have a most relaxing rest of
    day and a tranquil evening Monica

    Androgoth XXx

  6. sandy says:

    I am crying, too! Having been there, I know how you feel. Hugs to you, Monica.

  7. Monica says:

    Hugs most appreciated, Sandy!

  8. lazfreedman says:

    These beauties will always live in your big heart, my friend!
    So sad this life can be…and Animals make it better, wish I could give you a hug!
    All the Best, Monica
    Highest Regards

  9. Androgoth says:

    I am just calling by to wish you a wicked day today,
    lots of partying and a wicked… Well whatever you
    like I guess? Just kidding Monica have fun…

    Androgoth XXx

  10. Androgoth says:

    Tomorrow I meant Monica,
    for us it is already here… lol

    Androgoth XXx

  11. Dearest Monica.
    I feel for you so much. I’m sorry I haven’t been around of late, I have moved house and have been absorbed in weaving natures tapestry around my new found nest. Tomorrow I will plant something in memory of your dog and watch it grow just as your love did for each other. Much love to you in this sad time. xx

  12. Monica says:

    Dear Talia, I’m imagining your beautiful new home and the plantings you will make around it. Soon they will be dense and lush in that special climate. That you would plant something in memory of Sneffie touches my heart so much. What a tender gift, and I thank you for it. Wishing you much joy and good health in your new nest. With love, Monica

  13. kenny2dogs says:

    Hello Monica, Lovely words as ever. Makes me think of just how close Cherno came to leaving me, thankfully he has pulled through. He has lost a lot of wieght and is still quite weak. But he is alive !!!
    Take care my lovely.
    Kenny !

    • Monica says:

      Dear Kenny, That’s too close, and thankfully Cherno has a lot of strength. I hope he is eating without problems now. Kenny, I miss you lots on WordPress, so come back soon.

  14. powerful,
    bless those around us, everyone and every life deserves attention and happiness.

  15. SandySays1 says:

    Isn’t wonderful to have that special spot to share with that special friend? The Geezer and I have that in the mornings after our walk. We sit on the dock; he brushes me; I lick his hand; we give each other strength.

  16. gita4elamats says:

    Beautiful post! I know what you mean, I still miss my 2 previous dogs and sometimes I accidentally call Tara, ‘Gita’. 😦

  17. andrea says:

    A beautiful Colie as I find love Monica
    Andrea wants beautiful evening
    And thank you for your nice visit with me

  18. Chess says:


  19. The tips is really helpful.

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