Wolf Hunting Begins

The hunting of wolves begins shortly in the states of Montana, Idaho, and – possibly – Wyoming.  Now that we have taught wolves it’s finally OK to approach and be curious about humans, we are going to kill them.  Nice work.

Here’s a link to an interesting article by Brendan Borrell of Bloomberg News.  It discusses market-based ways to manage the conflict between ranchers and environmentalists, perhaps to the benefit of all, including wolf populations.


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6 Responses to Wolf Hunting Begins

  1. Monica says:

    Me, too, Laz – it sickens the heart.

  2. Monica says:

    I wish I understood it, Androgoth, and wish even more I could do something about it. I think it’s right to call us cowards, because we will hunt with guns and planes and snowmobiles. And keep doing it until people are so shocked and disgusted they – again – limit or prohibit the practice.

  3. lazfreedman says:

    This just makes me sick to hear, Monica
    Once again the humans blame the innocent! find anther reason to kill….
    Peace to you, and the Wolves

  4. Androgoth says:

    How cowardly is man becoming my great friend?
    I just do not understand why this has to happen,
    it is very sad that these Wolves whom roam the
    land somewhat freely, are now doomed, and just
    because humankind think it is acceptable when in
    reality it is clearly not…

    Androgoth XXx

  5. Monica says:

    Thank you, Pen, for your – always – thoughtful and heartfelt comments. People seem to need to find an enemy, and Western ranchers have found one. Myth becomes political reality, and wolves lose. They will soon learn never to show themselves to humans.

  6. penpusherpen says:

    A heartbreaking state of affairs Monica, and as you say, we humans are double dealing once again. Surprise, surprise,. Re-introduce them, then shoot them… I despair that the first action to solve a perceived problem is to take up the rifle, I followed the link and read the informative article and many of the comments.. Some quite heated…and from both sides of the fence. I just wish a solution could be found and soon, before widespread slaughter of this marvellous animal who should be left to live as nature intended, not shackled by human rules and regulations. xPenx.

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