Losing a Dog

The Loss of a Dog

The loss of a dog
claws open the heart;
time’s flimsy patch papers,
forever scratches and bleeds.

first week home

The loss of a dog
spawns belly screams
choked into silence by social nicety
gulped down by unsatisfied wounds.

The loss of a dog
is the universe’s memo:
all is change
whether welcome or no.

teasing our border collie

but willing to share with his human

How many dogs can one lose in a lifetime?

I realize those with cats and other pets feel the same way.
I don’t know cats, but I do know dogs.  So I write about them. 

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2 Responses to Losing a Dog

  1. Monica says:

    Hello greenpete,

    Thank you for this special comment. I am very sorry about your cat. So hard to lose a beloved animal. Such a powerful statement: your youth ending with college graduation and Heather’s death.

    The collie I grew up with died when I was young. I had no clue animals didn’t live as long as people. Best friend and surrogate parent, I understood then that the world was not a perfect place, and I would somehow have to get along without him.

    Collies were so terribly overbred after “Lassie”. My six collies as an adult all developed major medical problems, different but related to immune system irregularities. I was glad not to see so many. Collies seem to be making a comeback, and I pray their health has recovered.

  2. greenpete58 says:

    (Thanks for the like.) We just lost our cat. I wrote about her, too, and it helped. Also, my family had a collie when we were growing up, named Heather. Beautiful dog. We had to put her down the day after I graduated from college, and it was literally the end of my youth. I don’t see as many collies these days (at least, here in the U.S. Midwest), I guess because “Lassie” is largely forgotten. I think they’re one of the finest breeds, though. Sorry about your loss.

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