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It’s Been Nice Knowing Ya’ – Toss Me the Car Keys!

I didn’t tell the full truth in my last post.  Probably to protect the … well, not exactly innocent. To tell the full story, I have to go back a dozen years to one of our earliest semi-annual spring and … Continue reading

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Contemplating Buffalo

Over the River and Through the Wood – Oh, and Through the Buffalo Herd – We Go We didn’t really go over the river, but we did have to go through a large buffalo herd.  On our hike into Yellowstone’s … Continue reading

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No Dogs Allowed

Walking the Walk, Anyway  You talk the talk and we walk the walk but when nose goes to sniff and tail begs to wag Where are you?  In Yellowstone, no doubt where we can’t follow not having the bona-fides of … Continue reading

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On the Wings of the Hawk

Wings of the Hawk                                                       Red tail feathers spread in gliding flight riding currents … Continue reading

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Sounds of a Bull Moose in Heat

Just in case you have ever wondered what a bull moose in heat sounds like, here he is. A strange and unusual sound. This is the same moose you can see in the photos in Family (Moose) Portrait and battling … Continue reading

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Spring in Yellowstone

Couldn’t leave out Yellowstone!

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Calls of the Tree Swallows, Sandhill Cranes, and Geese

Here’s my own audio file.  First and last you hear the geese (of course); after about 4 seconds you hear tree swallows sounding like hundreds of bees buzzing and mice squeaking; then you hear the sandhill cranes:

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Grand Tetons in the Spring

Here are some recent pictures from the Grand Tetons. Vocalizations courtesy of Cornell Lab of Ornithology Macaulay Library of Natural Sounds website Killdeer Sandhill cranes Tree swallows Lesser Scaup

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Witch Hunt/Religious Crusade: The Wolf Hunt Intensifies

The United States federal government proposes to remove remaining protections for wolves throughout the country.  Read more in this Defenders of Wildlife press release. Defenders is asking those interested to sign a petition to Sally Jewell, newly appointed Secretary of … Continue reading

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Oh, You Planet Earth!/Earth Day 2013

Member of the Family Call me mother, call me father call me source of life and strength call me sister, call me brother call me only home and hearth call me garden of paradise call me member of the family … Continue reading

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