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Sanctuary – More than a Safe Haven

What makes an animal refuge a sanctuary? from Wikipedia: A sanctuary, in its original meaning, is a sacred place, such as a shrine. By the use of such places as a safe haven, by extension the term has come to … Continue reading

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Sounds of a Bull Moose in Heat

Just in case you have ever wondered what a bull moose in heat sounds like, here he is. A strange and unusual sound. This is the same moose you can see in the photos in Family (Moose) Portrait and battling … Continue reading

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Spring in Yellowstone

Couldn’t leave out Yellowstone!

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Grand Tetons in the Spring

Here are some recent pictures from the Grand Tetons. Vocalizations courtesy of Cornell Lab of Ornithology Macaulay Library of Natural Sounds website Killdeer Sandhill cranes Tree swallows Lesser Scaup

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Oh, You Planet Earth!/Earth Day 2013

Member of the Family Call me mother, call me father call me source of life and strength call me sister, call me brother call me only home and hearth call me garden of paradise call me member of the family … Continue reading

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Talking to Animals/Amen

Here’s a quote from a beautiful WordPress post by Traveling Thane Furrows: If you talk to the animals they will talk with you and you will know each other. If you do not talk to them you will not know them, and … Continue reading

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Colorado Moose Walking

Still on the subject of moose.  This time at our mountain cabin in Colorado.  We have seen this bull moose many times, but never so close as in the video.  Here is our first look at him, as a juvenile.  … Continue reading

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Family (Moose) Portrait

I believe this bullish fellow is the winner of the battle in Moose Battle Gently

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Moose Battle Gently

Here are the promised moose pictures and a video.

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More from Yellowstone

Here are some more pictures from Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons: The Deluge Swan Lake the day we arrived, and the last time we saw blue sky.                                                                 This is the largest bear print I have ever seen.  Further down the … Continue reading

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