City Skin

City Skin

Can’t wait to shed my city skin
move to the rhythm
of sun and moon
hear with animal ears
breathe with the wind.

Copyright © 2010 Monica Glickman

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7 Responses to City Skin

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  2. Yes, that would be bliss. Plus, you have the ocean. I just get to dream of it.

  3. bluebee says:

    I love this poem, Monica – nothing better than heading out into the wilderness to escape the madness of urban life for a while. Have just spent a few days bushwalking in rainforests and watching dolphins surf the waves while walking on deserted beaches (and no laptop or mobile phone in sight) – pure bliss! bb

  4. Thank you, Pen, for your beautiful comments and poems

  5. penpusherpen says:

    become as one with nature and all it has to offer, to breathe and feel a release from the bonds that tie us down….shed your City Skin….love it Monica.

  6. Androgoth, I love your comments. I will definitely check out your recipes, too.
    Thanks and good wishes, Monica

  7. andro51 says:

    In the realms of the wilderness where fish, bird, and animals of all descriptions live free the calling of the earth, the meandering stream, the wind gently blowing through the trees, sweet bird songs, the howling of a distant wolf, wonderful and enchanting moments caressing the realities of each breath, like a song that is sung from an Angels cloud, words on a template of creation… Yes a very nice thought Monica, shedding the City Skin and evolving into a new and most exciting adventure that is indeed life… Androgoth Xx

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