Wolves/Power of Attraction/Mating Pair/One Moment More

Power of Attraction

Intensely curious eyes
burn green gold
with interest bordering on fascination
as ancient comrades and hunting partners
struggle to remember
that which is beyond memory
but leaves its trace
in the powerful pull of mutual attraction.

Mating Pair

Black wolf, white wolf
mating pair seeks strength in balance
no taboo keeps them apart

One Moment More

Look in my eyes
and take my measure
leave fear behind
a moment more
seeing you is weighty treasure
fleeting vision, lasting pleasure

Poems copyright © 2010 Monica Glickman

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15 Responses to Wolves/Power of Attraction/Mating Pair/One Moment More

  1. Monica says:

    Al, what a nice thing to say! I’m just happy you’re interested enough to visit! Happy New Year to you.

  2. Al says:

    I feel bad just tapping in here and reading your works…
    Shoudn’t we be paying for this suff ?

  3. Monica says:

    Hi Kenny, Love your comment! Thanks, Monica

  4. kenny2dogs says:

    A gentleman is simply a patient wolf.

  5. Thank you, Bluebee. I am enjoying your poetry very much. Monica

  6. bluebee says:

    I love this poem’s gentle rythym, as well as that you have conveyed so much with such economy of words. bb.

  7. Thanks, Mike. That means a lot.

  8. Mike Keefe says:

    Haunting. Both the words and the art.

  9. andro51 says:

    Thank you for calling by and commenting on my Bram Stoker Script, I have left it so that comments can be made on all of my old blogs, though most of them were deleted a long time ago, due to a glitch, mind you most were already saved so no problem…

    There’s not many to look through on here now but if you do like a browse then perhaps some of the Recipes will give you a chuckle? Thank you my friend, I have subscribed to your Space so I won’t miss any new content… Be well my new friend… Androgoth

  10. Hello Androgoth,
    I’m delighted to have your thoughts and look forward to checking out your WP site, too.

  11. andro51 says:

    A Very Nice Take On the Wild Side…
    Just Passing Through But As I Am Here
    I will Take Another Peep Into Your WP
    Space… Be Well Now… My Friend…

  12. Thanks, Laz. I love your poetry and look forward to reading more.

  13. lazfreedman says:

    I really enjoyed, every word,and the Photo as well, Thank you for sharing, 🙂
    Peace to you,

  14. Thanks, Pen. Your site is beautiful — gorgeous paintings and poems to match!

  15. penpusherpen says:

    the pure wild instinct of the wolf comes to life through your poems.
    lovely to meet a fellow poet. xPenx

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