Lost Canyon

Lost Canyon

Old pathways through canyon bottom
erased by wind and sand
overgrown by time’s twisting brambles
dry stream bed empty of human prints
lost canyon winds its way
into the past heart of youth


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13 Responses to Lost Canyon

  1. bluebee says:

    What wild creatures do you find here, Monica?

  2. Monica says:

    I love that – lose your poetic mind!! That’s a fine compliment, Ian.

  3. I could lose my poetic mind in those pics Monica , and your words compement beautifully, so much ancient history and stories abound in those canyons , enjoyed your blog.
    Cheers Princess.

  4. Monica says:

    Thank you, dear Laz.

  5. Monica says:

    Dear Pen, Perhaps someday I could show you my favorite places … and you could show me yours! I can dream, can’t I?

  6. Monica says:

    Thank you, Bluebee. It’s a journey into the past for me. We used to backpack into this canyon before children and dogs. When we were carefree, and cows grazed in the park, leaving their calling cards but also a trail through the wilderness.

  7. Monica says:

    Thanks, Sandy. It really was.

  8. lazfreedman says:

    I’d love to be there… or rather, Thanks for the Poetic tour, Monica
    Peace and Joy,

  9. penpusherpen says:

    I am so, so jealous Monica, … to actually stand there amid scenery which seems not to have changed for numerous millennia, wearing a coat of past mystery… Lost Canyon, your words again describe the scenes to perfection…Heart-stoppingly good… xPenx

  10. bluebee says:

    Beautiful poem evoking the ancient feel of this place, Monica.

  11. Monica says:

    That is really nice of you to say. I don’t have the skill with the computer you do, so the pictures definitely add something.

  12. andro51 says:

    A nice addition to your blogs Monica and I always
    like to see pictures added as they truly enhance the
    poetry with a wonderful edge… Be good now

    Really like your photographs too, now what is the word
    I was searching for? Ahhh Yes… Wicked

    Androgoth XXx

  13. sandy says:

    Amazing colors in these photos! Bet that was a neat trip.

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