Who Are We?

Who Are We?

Americans, including me, think of themselves as decent people.  Certainly we have made mistakes as a nation – big mistakes.  But we learn from them, grow, and improve.  Our social structure encourages this.

But now I wonder.

Are we the people who fought a bloody civil war to keep human beings from being treated as property, overturning a practice engaged in and accepted as normal since the beginning of human time?

Or are we a people who use and abuse animals, domestic and wild, treating them as personal property, hunting them for pleasure, torturing them as part of the hunt?

Do we accept wholesale slaughter in the name of management?

Do we act based on fear and myth, or do we insist that facts guide our behavior?

Who are we?

Do we talk to each other to solve our problems – or do we talk only to those who already agree with us?

Are we a people whose legal system prohibits behavior which shocks the conscience?

Some day, and let it be soon, the treatment of wolves we see in Alaska, Idaho, and Montana will be considered as unacceptable, legally and morally, as the degradation and enslavement of humans.

Who are we?

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10 Responses to Who Are We?

  1. Monica says:

    Bluebee, you raise, as you do so often, such interesting issues. I do believe a nation can be described as a unit, at least in certain ways. It’s the coming together of different ethnic and religious groups, the putting aside of differences for the common good that makes a nation strong. When the will to do this dissipates, we fragment. And how lovely to be able to talk about this with you. Once voice, then two together…

  2. bluebee says:

    I think the ‘we’ is mistakenly applied to nations – very few nations have a united people – the restlessness sweeping the world at the moment can attest to that to some degree. The ‘we’ is in the micro and macro communities within nations, as well as communities that come together on a global front through mediums such as the Blogosphere. And speaking out as you do is the way change is effected, Monica – one voice gains momentum in theses intra- and extra-communities

  3. Monica says:

    Thanks, Emu, for your encouraging words. I hope more people will lend their voices.

  4. Monica says:

    We have to speak out, Josh, and not be discouraged. Continue to trust in the ultimate decency of people. There’s a difference between hunting and torture, a difference between hunting and slaughter. We have to insist on it.

  5. The Emu says:

    Well said Monica , would be great if more people like you stood up to be counted
    You hit the nail right on the head girl , wish more people could see through your eyes
    and have the emotions of heart that you have
    Cheers Princess

  6. Wonderfully said Monica. I am Really frustrated and deeply saddened with the massacre that will start Sunday. Hopefully enough people like you can speak out about this to increase the awareness and to stop the killings.

  7. Monica says:

    I’m so happy to hear you say this, Androgoth. We have had enough cruelty and suffering – a global concern, yes. What can we do, each in our own way, to move in a different direction?

  8. Monica says:

    Only through our raised voices – that’s all we have, isn’t it, Pen? Thank you so much for your comfort and support.

  9. Androgoth says:

    This question spans the whole planet my great friend,
    for it is not just America, it is global and something that
    we as a collective need to shout out and say…


    We are a collective force that have had enough of all
    the uneccesary bloodshed… It is time that our voice is
    recognised and understood… In time I hope that it is 🙂

    A truly great posting Monica 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  10. penpusherpen says:

    A question asked, and how many will think on and wonder ‘who they are’ Monica?… I do hope and pray there is a mighty backlash against the coming Wolf Slaughter, for only through raised voices and threat of loss of votes are the Politicians moved to change their policies… Who are we?… a wonderful, heartbreaking and hopefully far-reaching cry my friend. xPenx

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