Moving Forward

Two days ago a pick-up truck was parked in the neighborhood with this message in its back window:

You have no choice.  You MUST move forward.

I viewed this with some surprise and a bit of foreboding.  Was this a pre-election communication?  Apparently so.  I looked for the magical truck today to take a picture, but it was gone.  Nevertheless, I have taken its instruction to heart.

A poet weary of words is an anomaly.  For the future, I intend to move forward with hope and a positive attitude.  For my part, that means doing my best to model, on a personal level, the attitude and behavior I want to see on a community and national political level:  inclusiveness, respectfulness, and open-mindedness.

So be it.

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2 Responses to Moving Forward

  1. Monica says:

    I want to think so, Bluebee. I’m certain we can no longer sit back and wait for good things to happen. We must insist on what we want.

  2. beeblu says:

    I too am weary of words, Monica. What strange times. Your resolve is instructive: we can make a difference at an individual level, one act at a time.

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