Wolf Sighting

Wolf Sighting

I cannot look away to find my camera
to fiddle with the focus
to frame the vision —

your face might disappear into the willow
whence it came
your markings beyond the skill
of human art or imagining

your stillness unexpected
not one’s idea of wolf
your serene stance speaks
of unfamiliarity — yet almost knowing

I cannot look away to save my life —
yet thankfully my life is safe
the myth mere fairy tale

The creature who studies me
sees straight into my heart.
The peace of wholeness floods me
the strength of connection frees me.

I stand before the gift
of unknowable mystery.


These and other wolf photographs — as well as stories and poems —
can be found in Wild Wolf Encounters, True Stories of Wolves in the Wild.
(My husband took the pictures.  I cannot look away.)
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2 Responses to Wolf Sighting

  1. Monica says:

    Yes, very special, Bluebee

  2. beeblu says:

    It’s always very special to lock eyes with a wild creature, Monica.

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