Unregistered Guests

The Best Guests

 Guests for the evening
arrive unannounced
perch quietly outside the window
under the eaves
gone by daybreak –
no laundry to wash
or meals to make –

 • • • •

 a raven feather waves
a good-bye greeting
from Greek columns

Close the curtains, and don’t ruffle the guests’ feathers.

Sorry about the poor picture, but I wanted you to see the pair.  They came every night at dusk and left at dawn.  Lake Hotel is closed for the season, but I suspect they are still roosting there.
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16 Responses to Unregistered Guests

  1. sandy says:

    How grand! Wasn’t that just a neat addition to your trip?

  2. bluebee says:

    Lovely play on words in this, Monica, and I love that last line 🙂 What a beautiful outlook over the lake from your hotel room. It looks so calm and peaceful.

    I enjoy our daily univited guests: colourful cheeping lorikeets (who feast on the camellia bushes when in flower), cheeky cockatoos (who eat everything in sight), fat doves (who eat the weed seed and spread it around 😦 ) and Oscar, the neighbour’s old cat, who comes for his brush

  3. These pictures make me miss Yellowstone, I will have to go back soon!

  4. lazfreedman says:

    I really dig your poem and shots, Dear Monica 🙂
    Peace to you,

  5. ha ha
    I love the last line and the whole idea really.
    very nice

  6. Monica says:

    Thanks, Wath! I guess every now and then you have to get away from the roosting crowd.

  7. penpusherpen says:

    Loving the photo of the Unregistered visitor, Monica, and your Best Guest poem describes the scene to perfection by making me laugh in delight, and so I called my ex to the PC, to have a look-see, and he was more interested in the top of the columns,.. (as to whether or not they were Corinthian or Ionic Capitals.. MY eyes blanked and glazed over, then brightened, I persevered and Googled.. and apparently Ionic 😀 )… You learn something new every day, or so they say… (I always wonder…. who ‘they’ are? ) xPenx

    • Monica says:

      Pen, I love this scene – you focusing on the ravens and your ex on the columns. Makes the world go round, as “they” say! Thanks for your lovely comment!

  8. zumpoems says:

    This is just classic. A little bit of humor and lightheartedness in a very wonderful poem!

  9. Androgoth says:

    You won’t believe this but I have had no updates
    of these last postings that I have been commenting
    on my great friend, so how nutty is that? 😦

    I like this one a lot Monica…

    Androgoth XXx

    • Monica says:

      So happy to have you here, Androgoth. I do believe it about the updates. Sometimes the blogs I follow switch on their own from “instantly” to “never” for posting alerts. Just one of the many things I don’t understand about computers and software programs.

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