The Coming and the Going – Wolf Shadow

The Coming

Black shadow at the forest edge
grows and deepens
darkens to a thicker ink
begins to quiver
moving now into the meadow
a black wolf emerges
from my imagination

The Going

Rested, satisfied
returning to the shadows
satiating dreams

This is probably the last wolf video for a while – but not the last wolf poem.  Wolves are on the brain now, with hunting in Montana and Idaho.  Hope you don’t mind.
The “coming” in this poem is not on video.  I saw it, though, and it was just as I have always imagined (a wolf behind every shadow).  The “going” is on the video.

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18 Responses to The Coming and the Going – Wolf Shadow

  1. Monica says:

    roaming free, minding their own business, preying on the diseased and weak (not like a trophy hunter), and generally helping the ecosystem return to a normal balance – what could be wrong with that? Thank you, dear friend!

  2. Androgoth says:

    If only this was for all Wolves
    to roam and to be free from hunters…

    A very nice posting Monica and thank
    you for sharing this one with us all 🙂 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  3. Monica says:

    Dear Talia, Such a beautifully-textured comment! Do enjoy the process of preparing – a set of poems? – for publication. That will keep you happily busy. Lovely to think about the garden, too. Thanks for taking the time to visit, and please keep me posted on your efforts.

  4. Monica says:

    You have very good eyes, Wath. He did have a collar on. In my experience, the wolves who have allowed themselves to be viewed close up and for longer periods have been collared. Instead of fearing humans more after that process, wolves seem more acclimated. First we encourage them to show up for viewing and then we hunt them (not in the parks, of course).

  5. Hi Monica,
    This remains me of someone I know. Someone who has returned to the shadows and lives in land of dreams. Such is the nature of a wounded wolf. I will try to keep in contact as and when but am beginning to build a porfolio with publication in mind.
    Take care my friend. I do think of you when I sit in my garden and watch the clematis climbing.

  6. very nice
    It is amazing how animals can appear out of shadows.
    He was coming down a well worn path in that field and seemed real proud of his territory!

    Was that wolf being monitored somehow?
    It looks like he has a collar on.

  7. Monica says:

    Dear Laz, Thank you so much!

  8. Monica says:

    Such a lovely comment – thank you, Bluebee

  9. lazfreedman says:

    Beautiful, Monica !
    I enjoyed so much..
    Peace to you,

  10. bluebee says:

    Reading The Coming is like watching an artist sketch, Monica – the picture emerges before ones eyes – and your lovely haiku creates the finishing touches in The Going

  11. Monica says:

    Hi Josh, Just a few – some close up both from the road and in the backcountry, some far away from the road. The backcountry encounters tend to be longer and very thrilling – but they all are! I’ve never gotten to watch a wolf go about his business in this extended way before – usually they are very curious, interested, wary – but they’re on their way to something else. When they take the time to stop and look you in the eyes, that’s transporting!

  12. Monica says:

    Oh, good! I like your new gravatar, too Sandy.

  13. How many wolf sightings have you had in Yellowstone?

  14. sandy says:

    NIce! Now he is in my imagination!

  15. Monica says:

    Dear Pen – thank you – yes, such magic

  16. penpusherpen says:

    The proud Wolf, head high, ever watchful, Monica, truly a wonderful sight and it was an honour to see him…. As you so rightly say in The Going, satiating dreams…., and your words again add to the whole experience… Many thanks for sharing this magical moment caught forever… xPenx

  17. Monica says:

    Dear Zum, Thank you, and I look forward to spending more time at your blog.

  18. zumpoems says:

    Very nicely done!

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