Invitation to Evil

Invitation to Evil

The lie at center stage
occupies expanding space
extremities weaken, norms crumble
foundations totter, unsupported
the ground folds back upon itself
                 in blood-red ribbons
the brain reels as
unreality repeated rules unchecked.

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6 Responses to Invitation to Evil

  1. Monica says:

    Being appalled seems like a sane, restrained response. We are teetering on the brink.
    So happy you are back on WP!

  2. Monica says:

    Mike, thank you! That means a lot! For some reason I didn’t see your comment in my mail. Thought of you when I wrote this.

  3. beeblu says:

    I’m so appalled by what’s going on in the USA politically at the moment even though I don’t live there. Unchecked, indeed. The GOP has a lot to answer for.

  4. intoon says:

    That is powerful, Monica. If I could boil that down to a single image, I’d have a terrific editorial cartoon.

    Abrazos y besos, Mike

  5. Monica says:

    Yes, Daniel, and thank you so much for visiting and commenting!

  6. Daniel Lynch says:

    I sense this piece is political? If so, great! 👌

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