Are We Un-Evolving?

Are We Un-Evolving?

Head down, eyes occupied
with intimate moments on tiny screens,
we no longer stand upright
and fail to notice the menace approaching,
fangs bared and posture threatening,
ready to pounce and do us in.

Senses overcome from information overdose,
brains dull from lack of exercise,
inhaling the opinions of others in lieu of
the pleasure of thinking for ourselves,
neural connections evaporate, unused and unnecessary.

Fewer will be available in future
should there be one.

Public domain photo credit: Hermann Schaaffhausen
“First Reconstruction of Neanderthal Man”

It turns out Neanderthals* were not brutes after all.
We have evidence they buried their dead
with great care and loving attention.
Neanderthals did look different from homo sapiens,
and that’s enough to give them a bad rap.

However unlikely, perhaps we will un-evolve
into creatures somewhat like our predecessors:
for whom life in harmony with the environment
was critical to survival;
and who felt no need
to concrete over the planet.

Plus, the protruding brow
will eliminate any need for sun visors.
Something to look forward to.

*Early fossil-finds came from the Neander Tal (Valley) in Germany.
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3 Responses to Are We Un-Evolving?

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  2. Monica says:

    I once read that intelligence is the ability to adapt. A Darwinian definition, certainly, but one which rings powerfully now.

  3. beeblu says:

    I’m beginning to think so, on a number of fronts…

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