Narcissists’ Theme Song

Narcissists can’t unite; but if they could, their theme song might be “It Has to Be Me”, sung to the tune of “It Had to Be You”, by Isham Jones and Gus Kahn.  Here are the updated lyrics and two versions of the original, sung by Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra.  Please sing along.

It Has to Be Me

It has to be me
It has to be me
I wandered around
and finally found
the somebody who
could make me be true
could make me not blue
and even be glad
not even be sad
not thinking of you

Some others I see
might never be me
might never be cross
or try to be boss
but they just won’t do
for nobody else gives me a thrill
with all my faults
I love me still
It has to be me
wonderful me
It has to be me.

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Flycatcher Green

flycatcher greenFLYCATCHER GREEN

Welcome whistler
better than sticky paper
cheeps from nearby tree

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Bluebird Blue

Bluebird blueSURELY BLUE

Strong but soft
rich but subdued
quietly sure
not cobalt
not royal
not baby
deeply serene cerulean

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Bright Moon Wandering – New Poetry Book

I have a new book of poetry – Bright Moon WanderingBright Moon WanderingI would be very happy if you took a look and gave me your thoughts!

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A River’s Season

A River’s Season

To every thing there is a season.

For a river, there is a time to build, and a time to cut away
a time to slow down, and a time to speed up
a time to sparkle, and a time of deep shadow
a time to shape, and a time to rend
a time for movement, and a time to hold steady
a time to support, and a time to dislodge
a time to float at ease, and a time for the maelstrom
a time of gentle exploration, and a time of unbending energy
a time to gurgle, and a time to hurl
a time to be placid, and a time to be harsh
a time to enhance life, and a time to threaten
a time to bring pleasure, and a time to sow fear
a time to be confined, and a time to know freedom
a time for every season under the heavens

Firehole River by Lone Star Geyser

Gibbon River

Gibbon River

Firehole River by Lone Star Geyser

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Earth’s Wild Heart/Earth Day 2016

Apollo 11 view of a crescent EarthOn their return trip to Earth from the Moon, the Apollo 11 astronauts photographed Earth as a crescent.  NASA original image data dated on or about July 20, 1969Suomi NPP vegetation mapVegetation as seen by Suomi NPP Satellite/credit NASA/NOAA
Images crafted from a year’s worth of data collected by the Suomi NPP satellite provide a vivid depiction of worldwide vegetation. Suomi NPP, short for National Polar-orbiting Partnership, is a partnership between NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Wild Heart

Earth’s wild heart calls to me
sings to me
as curious about me
as I am about it;
envelops me now
as we come to understand
what we are made of.

May our beautiful earth
our garden of paradise
flourish in peace



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Sense of Place: New Jersey

Jersey Girl Leaves Home

Oak trees dense
tall tops so high
she must lie on the ground
to see them
shade the broad expanse of lawn
and grace her daily life

Sense of place so strong,
breaking it is a dislocation
unhealed for decades
old rupture throbs still
upon occasion

Returning to visit the back yard –
where collie dog, best friend and surrogate parent,
gone for years,
runs, as in life, to greet her at the side gate
vision so powerful she pushes
its strangeness away
then instantly wishes she could call it back,
live in its sweetness a few moments longer.


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Come to the Fire

Come by the Fire

Ancient ways, bygone days
working together without a word
mutual need clearly heard.

Your speed, my bow
bring our prey down so
food for many, wolves and men
sustenance shared, time and again.

Over the years we lose our fear
Need turns to love and brings us here
a life joined together
to each other dear
Beloved friend, I want you near.

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One More Face — Lily, Puppy Mill Rescue

This is Lily, and here is her story.

Puppy Mills

Cruelty thrives in dark places
smelling foul in confined spaces
secrets kept with our consent
living creatures we do torment.

Through the mill they’re forced each day
crushing and grinding their lives away
expelled when breeding life is done
mechanized profits dearly won.

Puppy mills sound benign.  But here’s what a mill is and does:

to mill (v):  to subject to some operation or process; to shape or finish; to crush or grind; to hull; to stamp; to pass through a roller; to beat with the fists; to thrash; to pulverize;

mill (n): a machine that manufactures by the continuous repetition of an action; an institution that turns out products in the manner of a factory or machine; an experience or process that has a marked effect (as of hardening, disciplining, or disillusioning) on the character or personality, usually used in the phrase through the mill.

Webster’s Third New International Dictionary

“Puppy mills” conceal horrific reality.  These mills disgrace our laws and notions of human decency.  Let’s outlaw them.

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Sometimes Rescuers Need Rescuing

I’m posting a communication from Ellicott Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.  It includes before and shortly-after pictures of an owl being rehabilitated after hitting a window at high speed.img-160223125229-001_edited-1

Ellicott is an all-volunteer non-profit 501(c)(3) organization rescuing birds and other wildlife since 2002. They do wonderful work.  Now they need help to continue.  I’m also posting their appeal letter.  The staff is dedicated and effective and gives their all.  If any of you can give a little, it would be a fine thing.
There are so many amazing non-profit organizations, and some are dear to your hearts.  Blessings to all of them and to you – to all rescuers.
letter from Ellicott

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