Smooth Sailing for All Ships of State

old-sailing-ship-in-sunsetMarital Ship of State

Ego objects, but heart may await
course adjustment to marital state
gentle strength takes the helm
guides the journey to harmony’s realm
fair wind ahead – bear up and away
loving limits save the day.

Everyone thrives on loving limits –––
dogs, children, friends, family, even spouses


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Moving Forward

Two days ago a pick-up truck was parked in the neighborhood with this message in its back window:

You have no choice.  You MUST move forward.

I viewed this with some surprise and a bit of foreboding.  Was this a pre-election communication?  Apparently so.  I looked for the magical truck today to take a picture, but it was gone.  Nevertheless, I have taken its instruction to heart.

A poet weary of words is an anomaly.  For the future, I intend to move forward with hope and a positive attitude.  For my part, that means doing my best to model, on a personal level, the attitude and behavior I want to see on a community and national political level:  inclusiveness, respectfulness, and open-mindedness.

So be it.

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Time for a Master Swim Lesson

heading homeheading home

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Is Poetry Hard?

Ipoetry is hard

I saw this sign recently outside a local restaurant.  Is poetry hard?  Not for Bob Dylan.  Being enigmatic, this sign evokes him.

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Academy Makes Magical Choice

Bob (Nobel Laureate for Literature) Dylan

Words weave their magic
soft voice of power spins spell
Dylan wins Nobel

 New York Times article on Dylan’s Nobel win

some of Dylan’s influences

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East Side Views – Heart Lake

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Backpacking at Heart Lake in Yellowstone

This summer we spent 4 days, 3 nights backpacking at Heart Lake in Yellowstone.  We have been to Heart Lake before on day hikes.  But it’s a long way in – more than 8 miles to the lake itself – and the trip back is uphill.  There’s not much time to relax at the lake or tour around it to see what’s there.  The answer is to backpack.  Then there’s plenty of time to see beaver, mergansers, dragonflies, fir and fern forests, waterfalls, other lakes, streams, and more beaver.  Even beavers performing ballets.  The campsites are spread far apart – ours was 2 miles around the lake – and some are several miles further. 

The Park Service permits camping at one site for only two nights.  After that, you have to move.  So we stayed two nights on the west side of the lake at what I call the presidential suite of campgrounds.  Our own stream, a beaver lodge close by, many birds and flowers, lots of sun and shade, easy access to the lake, private swimming in crystal clear water, and the most delicious smells from all of the above.   Then we moved to the east shore, with more beaver, moose tracks, bear scat, a lodgepole pine forest, and plenty of sun and clear water.

Here are a few pictures from the west side of Heart Lake:

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Narcissists’ Theme Song

Narcissists can’t unite; but if they could, their theme song might be “It Has to Be Me”, sung to the tune of “It Had to Be You”, by Isham Jones and Gus Kahn.  Here are the updated lyrics and two versions of the original, sung by Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra.  Please sing along.

It Has to Be Me

It has to be me
It has to be me
I wandered around
and finally found
the somebody who
could make me be true
could make me not blue
and even be glad
not even be sad
not thinking of you

Some others I see
might never be me
might never be cross
or try to be boss
but they just won’t do
for nobody else gives me a thrill
with all my faults
I love me still
It has to be me
wonderful me
It has to be me.

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Flycatcher Green

flycatcher greenFLYCATCHER GREEN

Welcome whistler
better than sticky paper
cheeps from nearby tree

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Bluebird Blue

Bluebird blueSURELY BLUE

Strong but soft
rich but subdued
quietly sure
not cobalt
not royal
not baby
deeply serene cerulean

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