Wild and Free

Free to Be

Let me be free
to rest my head in un-collared comfort
free from the pinch of your constant inquiry
to roam at peace with my own rhythms
free from the scrutiny of your pawing hands
poking and prodding my trapped body
free from a taming name or number
free to be not-you
not the subject of your study
which frightens me
not the object of your control
which diminishes me
free from your fear
which destroys me
free to be different in ways
you will never understand or imagine
free to be wild
free to be as I am
– the other –
free to be
never you
only me.

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12 Responses to Wild and Free

  1. Monica says:

    Thank you, Chloe. It’s fascinating how poetry takes on a life of its own.

  2. Monica says:

    Thank you, Androgoth – I like this very much … from behind the eyes of wildness…

  3. Monica says:

    Yes, bluebee, that would be different indeed. I watch the birds at the feeders and realize they learn to live, even though they fear the hawk that waits on the fence. We have such a need to destroy what we fear…

  4. andro51 says:

    I have no idea how I have missed this wonderful piece of Poetry, it is with such an elegantly portrayed view, from behind the eyes of the wildness so to speak, a glimpse into the world of nature that seems to be missed by some individuals, hunting with an uneducated, unbelievable negative and disturbing tunnel vision, a hungering for blood without discrimination, without a care and without the sense of right… If only nature could be left intact, what a wonderful thought that is… If only?

    Androgoth XXx

  5. bluebee says:

    Fear and ignorance do so much damage – if we humans were more adept at holding our nerve and allowing fear a little latitude, what a different world we would live in.

  6. Chloe says:

    Hi Monica – amazing words here…as well as talking about Wolves and their plight, these words could just as easily be used as the voice of a person in an abusive relationship, feeling trapped and probed and not able to be themselves. Wonderful and heartfelt words my friend. Thanks for sharing xx

  7. Monica says:

    Hmm – let’s see — I’m speaking with my wolf voice here. I do not have a collar, although my beautiful black wolf avatar does have one. You can see him on: https://sweetplanetpoems.com/2010/10/05/wolvespower-of-attractionmating-pairone-moment-more/
    It is his face I see and his obvious distress at our presence when I write these words. However, that is not to say that I do not appreciate all of your gorgeous support and encouragement. You are the best!

  8. Wow dear friend , heavy words that speak much from the heart , emotions that appear to be surfacing and finding release at last , They ring a chord in my heart as the words you have written are the same as in the vein I wrote a few years back ,bitterness and anger but most of all hurt and frustration , let your words be your release valve Princess.
    Ian aka Emu

  9. Monica says:

    Thank you all for such interesting and heartfelt comments!

  10. kenny2dogs says:

    As Pen suggests, this could be a cry from the heart of a crushed, oppressed and dominated woman. Or man !
    I like it very much !!!
    “Any existence deprived of freedom is a kind of death.”
    Gen Michel

  11. penpusherpen says:

    Your poem says it all Monica, ” just leave us be”… You cannot tame nature and what is more natural than a wild animal in it’s own environment, undisturbed and just left to ‘live’ it’s own way. WE ask as much ourselves do we not? xPenx

  12. lazfreedman says:

    I wish you all the freedom, and happiness, Monica
    Intense as this one is…I enjoyed
    Peace to you,

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